in my beach bag.

Packing is my nemesis, but when I am throwing these things in my suitcase, I don’t mind it all so much. Check out my new list of favorite products that are most especially conducive for the sun and sand. Happy July!
1. Wildfox ‘Salty Hair’ cover up: my new favorite over-sized cover up!
2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: a most necessary hair product to enhance those natural beachy waves.
3. Chantecaille Contour Fill: my new love- it is a clear lip liner that holds in moisture and makes your gloss stay in the lines. Perfect combo.
4. Lush Dusting Powder: this smells like the beach with a feminine touch. It’s a must have in your purse! Brief description: “Grated cocoa butter melts onto the skin for a silky sensation, and the absorbent powders make sure your body doesn’t feel greasy.”
5. Cheap Monday Point Sunglasses: my new favorite sunnies! They are so retro in a modern, bohemian type way.
6. Furla Transparent Bag: I am all about the see-through bags for the beach. It’s a bold accessory that immediately water/sand proofs your iPhone. Boom. P.S. There are so many fun colors in this design!
7. I adore Elta MD sunscreen. My initial doubt: will I get sun since it was SPF 50? I was wrong. It blocks the rays that cause burn, and it gives you a beautiful brown glow. I will never go back to SPF 15.
8. Sun Bum Coconut Lip Balm: SPF 30 + smells divine.
9. Lush ‘Ocean Salt’ Body Scrub: sea salt + fresh avocado + coconut + vodka + lime. Scrubs away dirt, removes dead skin, hydrates thirsty skin, and smells like heaven.
10. Bobbi Brown ‘beach’ Eau de Parfum: my ultimate summer scent.
11. Becca Crochet Triangle Bikini Top and Bottom: my absolute favorite swim suit brand. I want to buy it in every color, and the price won’t break the bank.
12. Light 001 Go Clean Beach Set: my OCD self loves these cute bags.
13. Joie a La Plage Lucia Sandals: sleek leather sandals that are beyond comfy + make your legs look longer. And who doesn’t love Joie? Oh! And these are way ON SALE.
14. Chantecaille High Def Perfecting Powder: it’s super light weight, doesn’t hide the tan, yet evens out the skin and creates a natural glow. Yes please.

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3 Responses to in my beach bag.

  1. Ricki says:

    Thanks for all the great product tips. I think you picked out some really great ones and gave us some nice ideas for our own beach bag. R.G.

  2. Meganee says:

    ur glasses is wonderfull

  3. Muy buenas ideas para ir este verano a la playa, el bolso es precioso

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