spring cleaning.

first point: a clover canyon prism dress=immediate california dreaming. trend on point: an angular skirt is the ultimate item to add to your work wardrobe. final point: neon is not only suitable for twinkle bloom earrings; it belongs on spring-filled ‘thank you’ notes too! p.p.s. a polka dot wall planter will always gracefully welcome those easter-colored tulips. happy warm weather, pastel colors, and beautiful days!
Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 7.26.58 PM
1) Clover Canyon Prism Desert Neoprene Dress 2) Kate Spade ‘Skyline’ Bracelet Watch 3) Nicholas Bonded Split Skirt 4) Ava Tortie Shades 5) Capri Blue Jar Candle 6) Twinkle Bloom Earrings 7) Neon Note Set 8) Carnival Cone Wall Planter

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One Response to spring cleaning.

  1. I love that Kate Spade watch!

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