i am that flower girl that must always have fresh buds in her house. it adds color, sunshine, and joy to a monday…it brings more life and warmth to a week! i have been finding stunning finds at trader joe’s for a reasonable price point. my new bunch of yellow tulips were under $5 there! p.s. whole foods is having a sale on friday ~ 3 bundles of tulips for 10 dollars…hooray!

tumblr_mcf66kwIDX1rdirdro1_500 tumblr_ly6p8i02PW1qapmgto1_500 5080cb089e363fbaa1d8f9245e050ac2

photos: glitterguide and pinterest

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6 Responses to flowers.

  1. GORGEOUS, Lauren!! Love the Peonies!

  2. wanda says:

    beautiful thank you

  3. ahhhhh……….love flowers

  4. DawnMarie says:

    LOVE SPRING! LOVE TRADER JOES! I happened to go into an ALDI food market and found a dozen of roses for $4.00! They lasted for two weeks!

    God Bless you!



  5. lynn says:

    Thanks Lauren for the fabulous decorating ideas 🙂

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