love day.

i must admit that valentine’s day has been one of my absolute favorite holidays since i was a little girl. i would wake up to my room decorated by the heart fairy, and my dad would always give me a vase with the prettiest pink roses. even if you are not dating or married, use this day to celebrate love. make heart pancakes for your roomie, get a sweet valentine for your bff, or surprise someone you love with flowers, salted caramel chocolates, or any of these cute things below.

V Day

1. chalkboard hearts 2. felix rey kissy face umbrella  3. white poppy vase 4. loja panama hat 5. barnegat shades 6. queen look of love  7. wild fox queen of hearts sweater 8. pink saffiano leather soft cover journal 9. dizzy petals corkscrew 10. dark chocolate sea salt caramels 11. jules smith nature’s heart ring 12. diane von furstenberg iPhone 5 case lipstick 13. shadowy heart posts

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5 Responses to love day.

  1. Ivetter says:

    hi Lolo and everyone. Visit my blog too:

    and enjoy!

  2. Alicia Formagus says:

    My love and admiration of just you and you alone is reason enough to have a huge par tay!!!

  3. Oh, Lauren…I will celebrate your love for love, with love! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me, when my heart would rather not bother. XO

  4. Cassidy says:

    awesome ideas!!

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