gift ideas (first for the girls)

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hey friends! it’s officially december aka time for christmas cheer, justin bieber holiday, and sweet gift giving to close friends and family. sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas when it comes to presents, so i thought i would share a few suggestions. i always enjoy finding something a bit different and extra special for the people I love.

1. Native Union ‘Pop Phone’ Handset 2. Tory Burch Coin Case 3. Carved Rose Posts 4. Happy Socks® x Madewell Trouser Socks 5. Kate Spade ‘La Pavillion’ Ear Buds 6. Wee Initial Ring 7. YSL Lipstick 8. Glass Bubblegum Paperweight 9. Restoration Hardware Faux Fur Wine Cover 10. Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Statement Earrings 11. Monogram iPhone Case 12. Vintage Book iPhone Charger

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7 Responses to gift ideas (first for the girls)

  1. Judy Pennacchio says:

    These gifts are great! I see at least 4 that I’m going to get for my girls….thanks! 😉

  2. navintos38 says:

    Love AL your creative ideas Lauren!!! Best wishes to you!!! Your journey is one to admire and love. I wish you the very best in the world!! My name is Elizabeth Aviles, a mother of three amazing sons. I have followed your journey since before your accident and I am grateful for people like you. Your inspirations are lovely and inspiring. : )

    God truly is guiding you all the way. I admire your beautiful parents and their love for God’s will. Your journey is amazing and comforting to my heart, mind, & soul to see how much love does cover. It is an honor to receive your updates on your beautiful magazine. I LOVE LOLO!

    Blessing to you from above and may God always provide you even more beautiful things for your life and yours and your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and so many others.

    Love always, Elizabeth Aviles

  3. These are wonderful! I’m definitely going to gift a few of these & probably grab a few for myself 😉 love the initial rings and charger dock!

  4. Liz says:

    Great collection!

  5. linda contreras says:

    love the TB pink coin purse! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  6. sara says:

    Thanks for sharing information about gift ideas.

    Best Gift Ideas for Girls

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