autumn rush.

any shade of red tells your lips it’s fall time.

tory burch iPad case. those flowers sell me.


if we ate kale everyday, i wonder how we would feel. fabulous, i imagine. #iheartleafygreens

this hat, circle sunnies, and bangles make a boho girl look chic.

upper finger rings. love.

the hat is so flirty fall, and the citrine is so autumn.


a bini over dissolved blonde, a statement vest, and a white tee is organically sassy.

photos: becimaddicted

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4 Responses to autumn rush.

  1. Kat Harris says:

    The berry lipstick is my favorite!! I need to go to Sephora stat and stock up on some fall colors!

  2. Love kale! One of the healthiest things you can eat, great steamed, and excellent as a flavorful, nutritious lettuce substitute in chopped salads. (Plus, it has more flavor than romaine or iceberg lettuce.)

  3. DawnMarie says:

    I love the last pic with the maroon vest-The pants are so retro~
    God Bless you! Keep me in your prayers and I of you!

  4. Jashanae says:

    Lipstick makes any outfit better! And those upper finger rings are sooo cool! I need to find some!!

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