peace and passion.

besides must-purchase cut off denims and those bangs that make you want to chop your locks, the look book for maison scotch fall resembles a confident peace paired with humble courage. it’s like she allowed herself to take time and think…we all need more of that, no? in other news, scroll down to see how to wear your scarf as the winter cools.

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6 Responses to peace and passion.

  1. I love the bangs! So playful!

  2. I love the sleeveless jacket idea! I’m already in my closet looking for a jacket that I can remove the sleeves to and make it into a vest:)

  3. Georgene Nitzsche says:


  4. Caroloy Hawkinson says:

    Love the clothes, love the hair! Great pics!!!!

  5. Liz says:

    Love the photography on this collection!

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