drybar love.

sometimes you just need to be pampered. I will never decline a mani/pedi, but having someone play with your hair and style it for you takes luxury to a whole new level. meet your new beauty go-to: the drybar. the philosophy is simple: no cuts. no color. just expert blowouts for only $35 (cheers).

picture walking into a salon that exudes all things girl. it is a beauty haven where the wedding planner stays on replay, a glass of wine or water with fresh oranges quenches your emotions, and a blow dry session leaves you tranquil and confident. the experience is beyond wonderful. every girl must go!

check out the newly opened drybar in the shops at legacy in plano. my favorite part: looking through the fun look book to choose my hairstyle. i want to try them all!

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4 Responses to drybar love.

  1. Kara Waters says:

    My Sweet little Sister in Christ, I am praying heartily for you and your dear family! I agree with your Mother’s comment on the TODAY Show with all my heart- our precious Jesus WILL continue to make ALL THINGS work together for YOUR good! Be encouraged! Our Lord is already using your family & your life to witness to the WORLD! I thank God for their boldness, faithfulness and courage! Be of good cheer- Your Saviour is WITH YOU! WE, Your Family in Christ Jesus, will continue praying and help in any way possible! We love you, Dear One, but BEST of all, HE LOVES YOU!!!!!

  2. Shannon King says:

    Praying for the recovery for Lauren Scruggs.

  3. Kate says:

    Looks super fun – getting your hair done is such a treat and at $35, very affordable too. Much love and prayers. xoxo, kate

  4. Linda says:

    Praying 4 U xoxo

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