new york fashion week: day 6!

aroma espresso bar was my morning adventure, as the internet is quite overloaded all around lincoln center. kind of a sticky situation during the hustle and bustle of fashion week! walked back just in time to catch the action of vera wang attendees exiting onto the secret street: kim kardashian, beyonce, and some of my favorite models! such a fun little crowd back there.

i took a chill walk over to the diesel black gold show at pier 59, right on the hudson river (one of my favorite places in this city). i have dreamed about attending this show since my first runway experience, and i couldn’t believe it was actually coming true today! the energy inside was indescribable. off to a fantastic start with magdelena opening the show! p.s. the models behind her were rockin’ the catwalk with just as much charisma.

the collection was outstanding: downtown chic, fiercely filled with attitude, yet still insanely chic. so many fun people at the diesel show! it was like a street style playground for those outside. everyone was in their creative dream element. favorite spot of the day: elin kling! i am an avid blog follower of hers. so fun to meet her in person and shoot some snaps for the bloggity blog.

lots of writing to do. so the search for internet begins…starbucks? full. a closing borders? kicked out for sitting on the floor while shoppers raided the shelves. darn. a second starbucks? finally a seat! yipee. one reason i love this city: art is being formed at every moment, even in a crowded coffee shop, where everyone is working on top of each other. with this said~kamel (my favorite parisian street style shooter) tapped me on the shoulder in starbucks with a surprise photo! we had a mini shoot in there while writing reviews. gotta love it. see photos here.
met up with aaron, one of the gurus behind ‘we are films’! we headed backstage to interview valentino from improv’d. he was also a past designer of diesel, which automatically means he is a design prodigy. shannon did a fabulous job getting lolo magazine reader’s the inside scoop (will be posted soon!) on the breath-taking spring collection. the layering and leather weaving details were to die for.

this crew of three headed to the empire lobby for a time to unwind, and our friend sam that we met at athen’s fashion week joined up! loved getting to recap and talk about memories~old and new!
sweet dreams…nanette lepore comes tomorrow morning. it will with out a doubt be a fantastic ending to a fabulous fashion week. bravo to the crews of creatives, artists, designers, photographers, and everyone who takes part in this whirlwind of an industry.

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  1. Thrilled to hear that we were the start of what was an incredible day! Come visit us again soon and follow us at and

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