new york fashion week: day 5!

feminine sparkle at jenny packham was better than starting off a morning with blueberry pancakes…glamorous yet muted was the way of this brilliant designer. mandy moore was in attendance, so adorable! the secret street was loaded with carolina herrera incomers! such a fun crowd, from the colorful nicki minaj to the ultimate editor, anna wintour.

the calendar beckoned a rachel roy attendance! we made our way over to this fantastic show on the balcony of avery fisher hall, which has the best view of fashion week! fun to see the hustle and bustle from here. my favorite part of the day: lunch with leslie and terry! we had a blast at the delicious rosa mexicana and caught up on months of newness. i adore their sweet friendships!

a booked interview with the wonderful yeohlee brought us to a city escape, a little cottage type brownstone tucked away on east 65th. the garden was set up for an inspiringly (word?) intimate runway show! exploring this designer’s knowledge and vision was astounding; she may be the most fascinating person…exuding such a rich and deep spirit!
the rachel zoe presentation was next on our super-excited list, so we taxied to midtown to check in on all the hype! the collection was white and pretty. it was fun to see this expert stylist in action, straightening belts and mingling through the crowd along with her good friends and husband. rodger that.
writing and more writing. caught up with lincoln center friends. headed to perry ellis. i love the subdued plaid looks in this menswear collection. it was fresh and exquisitely tailored. the show was full of energy!! met up with my sweet friends in the lobby, including marie charles from montreal! so excited for her first season here.

me and shan strolled on over to urban outfitters to search for our trending wish list items, then back to the empire to work the night away! what a fun day.

p.s. here is a little piece of our taxi extravaganza!

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