new york fashion week: day 4!

last night memory. thousands singing the star spangled banner together in the city. what a wonderful way to usher in a day of remembrance, honoring those in 9/11.

brunching at fred’s at barney’s began my day with a yummy pancake flair and sweet dallas friends. cheers to the first cowboys game of the season! #excited. football is here, yipee!!

off to catch a glance of the L.A.M.B. collection, which honored those affected by 9/11. incredible. with an interview to catch at cut25, yigal azrouel’s new more-afforable collection (insert cheers here), me and shan zipped over in one of those yellow cars they call taxis, all to find surfer-babe 80’s fever posing in the highline stages. let’s just say i am still dreaming about those beachy brights and chunky soles. oh, and i am collecting money in my piggy bank for these wardrobe beauties. i would be okay just wearing this designer alone. interviewing the mastermind didn’t help the massive wave of inspiration.

flash forward to carlos campos, a men’s collection in the heart of modernity and downtown edge: milk studios. this may have been the hunkiest collection of models i have ever spotted. oh, and the clothes were magnificent. seriously, men take fashionable notes and sport the cropped pants, sperry-esque brogues, and blazers. such a good look, no?

fashion break. shan and i strolled on over to central park to get out of the building lime light and into the green sheep meadow and shaded tree shade. we concluded our nice little escape with some whole foods dinner, dark chocolate, hot tea. starbucks has been our office for the next few hours. oh, and of course the cowboys updates are on instant speed dial. nighty night!

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One Response to new york fashion week: day 4!

  1. Anilee says:

    Great update from Fashion week! The best one yet. I love the comments and of course the personal side with the pic of you and Shan. I personally think the black visors need a little bling from LeeLee Rox.

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