it’s that time of year, fashion week is here!

this city is so contagiously inspiring. it’s like you can feel the bustling energy right when the plane lands! i wish i could take it home in a bottle. i jumped in a taxi to head over to the empire hotel, shannon’s and my home for the next ten days! so much going on here already. i set up a little work spot on the massive comfy couches in the lobby, only to catch myself people watching about 98% of the time. model casting happening? i think so. never a dull moment.
shan arrived shortly after. we organized our “home,” and walked 20 short blocks away to cafe lalo. our jaws dropped out of absolute charm upon our arrival at this quaint little eatery. windows open. best salad i have ever eaten in my life. great conversation. aaron craig met up with us for a coffee to finish out the magical experience. amazing times. a rooftop hotel was on our spontaneous agenda, a slightly secret spot in colombus circle. what a view. business chatter and funny stories delighted the night. inspired.

september 8th hit bright and early: the kickoff to fashion week! first show on the schedule~nicholas k. always look forward to their chic grunge collections. i wonder how they pull it off so well every season! kelly cutrone was super nice; see quote: “don’t tell anyone i’m being nice, it will ruin my reputation.” love it. off to the secret street (i like to think of it this way) to meet with my photog friends! models poured out of richard chai. mini photoshoot? fun fun.

the trek to kimberly ovitz was quite a task, and the show was so so. super simple, nothing special. nevertheless, hello man repeller–her killer proenza schouler bag made the introduction. love the constant mingling of editors, bloggers, all photographers.

off to trader joe’s (yay). off to fashion night out! soho was our final destination of choice. first stop: burberry. they win the coolest appetizer award! john varvatos came in close second to excitement. Even a proposal happened here. we stepped outside to see khloe kardashian step out of her little boutique, dash. mob scene. betsey johnson and billy reid to follow. fun times!

(us with john varvatos)

off to smile to escape the madness of this city-wide sartorial fest. a late night dinner at this underground spot made for a most relaxing end to the night and the best meatballs in the world. up next: a day packed full of the runway. see you tomorrow…

Loved meeting The Man Repeller! Check out her blog here.

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