bella rose: creating rare finds.

i am a lover of vintage jewelry that is infused with rich history. i love to visualize the way it was once lived in, the events it attended, why it was originally purchased or gifted. it is fascinating to me, hence the reason why the recently launched line, bella rose, has captured my attention and kept my interest.

the story behind it all: after losing her mother to cancer and soon after discovering a collection of her hidden holy medals, tami morris decided to embark on a journey, tapping into her innate sense of style. with her kids in school, she and her business savvy sister, katy palermo, have since strung a one-of-a-kind jewelry line together that has already caught the eye of johnny depp and has been spotted on bon jovi and anne rice.

all of the medals used in their line, whether pulled from their mother’s collection or sought after, are of european origin and age from 50 to 150 years. the italian sisters take seriously their exhaustive search to always find the highest quality and most valued medals within france, belgium and italy. what’s most captivating: each medal has a sacred origin with some even bearing past inscriptions to loved ones.

did i mention? bella rose accepts commissioned jewelry projects. too thoughtful to be true? not quite. you can bring your own medals for tami to incorporate into a custom designed piece which can, in turn, become a family heirloom. the only hesitation: it may be hard to one up this gift for the next occasion. good thing the present’s legacy will live on for ages…

p.s. bella rose has recently unveiled a bridal collection! more information can be found here.

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