yum universe+LOLO.

i am way beyond thrilled to announce heather crosby, the genius behind yumuniverse as an official LOLO food expert! stay tuned for the launch of the full-fledged LOLO lifestyle magazine as she will be sharing her super-delicious plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes with us.

and i must say these concoctions are not only in the likes of those uber-health-conscious-raw-spinach-eating foodies. this recipe wonderland is a place test run by manly-man husbands and kiddos too, with a 99.9% guaranteed lovable response…almost always do they sheepishly ask (as if ashamed they delight in something so healthy) if we can save that meal in our master recipe box.

so take a stop by this universe of yumminess, where health is a priority and taste is never compromised. not to mention, this place is a fantastic resource for nutritional information, so take a visit, subscribe for fun email updates, or even try the YU test drive if you are looking for a premium detox to get your health back on track.

p.s. heather has a new book coming out that will be off the charts amazing. a future giveaway? most possibly.

photo courtesy of mARTa sasinowska

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One Response to yum universe+LOLO.

  1. lolly says:

    love this! so happy yumuniverse will be a part of LOLO magazine!

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