stay tipsy.

a switch always occurs on the horizon of spring and summertime, where i begin to crave loudly spectacular colors after a too-long season of wintery neutral palettes. not to mention, there is something about that exhausted-from-a-day-full-of-sun, surfing the waves, or for all you texans–cruising in a boat on the lake, fratty-type tone, that always seems to stimulate my chillaxing type outlook on these months of greatness. and for that pursuit, i have discovered a new outlet: tipsy skipper.

having interned at vineyard vines and lilly pulitzer, RISD graduate and sailor-extraordinare, kearsley lloyd, was bound to embark on one adventurous voyage where rejuvenating escapades are never-ever compromised. we are the lucky ones. i adore when people find a way to combine their passions; for kearsley, tipsy skipper has become the ultimate collaboration of her love for sailing and design.

time to stop reading, and time to start brightening your wardrobe with those skippy skimmers, uber-fun totes, and pretty clutches. be a tipsy skipper girl who welcomes the limelight, celebrates color, exhibits class without losing her humor, and knows the difference between tipsy and too much:)

shop here, and don’t forget to sail by her awesome blog too!

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One Response to stay tipsy.

  1. Brittany says:

    Love Tipsy Skipper! Found out about it through a friend, and I just bought a pair of ballet flats, hope to get another pair soon!. They are the best!!

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