me to a tee.

just watered the herbal garden and tomato plant. check! im sitting here this cool sunny morning over a coffee cup filled with acai berry green tea dreaming of this trail in the middle of nowhere, wearing the same rustic buckle boots in every environment, touring a land that is foreign to me, with my hair truly undone (not just pretending to be), with no worries in the world but where the next stretch of sand and ocean collide, hoping for a new adventure to reveal itself. i have yet to find something that so nearly and clearly describes what makes me feel fully me until this reel of photos crossed my path. they slightly (under-exaggerated) make my heart skip a beat.

vogue paris april 2011

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3 Responses to me to a tee.

  1. cherylscruggs says:

    This is totally me!

  2. Julie Palmacci says:

    I think its me too! Love it!

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