row on with the legendary twins: mk&a

my heros growing up: without a doubt, mk&a. they were those rock star twins that i based my hair cuts on, attempting to imitate their style, often thinking i was right on target, when clearly it was a fail. i dedicated countless nights to re-watching holiday in the sun, where between the half-curl, half straight hair style to the beachy atmosphere and cute teeny-bopper boys, it amounted to inspiration overload.

that was then, now is now, and my role model-esque view of them has seemed to remain the same, just for different reasons and rhymes. i am wowed by their pure skill and iconic presence in the fashion world. they are distinct, and i like it. most celebrity clothing lines, are…can i say a complete joke and quite possibly ride the line of offensive to “real” designers. when asked their inspiration, they actually know the answer. what a concept.

vogue agrees, hence their honoring article featuring the twin’s empire that includes THE ROW: a should-be recognized line compromised of the most stunning fabric combinations and personality infusions. thanks mk&a, for staying true to yourselves, honing in on your raging talent, and creating pieces that the world can cherish.

See the full article by Sarah Mower on

photos: bruce weber for VOGUE

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