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Hi Everyone!

Many of you have been reading my blog over the last year, and I wanted to update you on what I have been working on! In addition to reporting for New York, Montreal, and Paris Fashion Weeks, I am in the process of launching a full online lifestyle magazine called LOLO, that will be available to the public soon. I have realized from reader feedback that yes, fashion weeks are interesting, but how are they adaptable for US? Many of you want to know how to incorporate fashion into your everyday lifestyle…how to dress for your body type, how to wear a scarf, what to fill your closet with for spring. Not only are we going to offer you the fashion that will make you look great, we will offer great recipes that will make you feel great (test-tasted first by health nut moms, kids, and husbands)!! This magazine will bring style down to the basics, offering a question/answer forum, links to the best buys, how-to videos, and much more! 

Lolo Magazine is the resort for the ultimate lifestyle experience. Integrating the food, fashion, and beauty industries, Lolo Magazine offers a resource to make your life healthy, fashionably pleasing, and culturally well-rounded. We offer a new perspective on the idea of the muse, providing insider ways to emulate the lifestyles of those who inspire you by featuring model and designer lifestyles and personality files that tap into real lives. At Lolo Magazine, living is more than just dreaming. This online mag is a one-stop route to discovering industry buzz, fashion week reviews, local shopping hot spots, fresh new recipes, and all-the-rage beauty products. 

We break down fashion into practicality, cultivating interaction on a basic level. Lolo brings style to you.

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  1. This is going to be amazing…..Don’t miss the launch! Go LOLO!!

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