the paris fashion week finale.

my egg crepe tasted extra good on my way to talbot runhof this morning. maybe it was because it was my last day in paris, or it may have been the anticipation of the really really cool bookstore i planned to visit on the way to my first show stop. either way, it was ridiculously great. so was…flipping through french fashion magazines. i couldn’t help but realize their ad limitations. instead they pack the page space with photo shoots. what a concept; so inspired. azru was my next stop at the westin paris, where jessica stam modeled the archaeology of the future. neato.

another gorgeous day called for a break to be used wisely, and what better way than to spend it first exploring the bon marche grocery store…i wish i could bottle it up and take it home with me. after much scavenging, i picked out a salmon tartar taziki pita for the picnic under the eiffel tower. paradise.

lemongrass green tea in the press tent kept me warm until my last show of the season…elie saab! what a way to end the week. model shooting followed, and a quick goodbye to the snap shot group left lindsay and i hailing a cab to my favorite neighborhood yet. this jewish community was ultra-charming (beyond words). we perused a true vintage shop, a hidden treasure indeed, and i found an adorable jacket for 5 euro. ❤

we arrived at our final destination: l'as de fallafel. it is one of those family owned places that has a line down the street on the weekends. after my first bite, i understood why. ridiculously scrumptious. i can't believe these last ten days are coming to an end. i guess the saying is true that time flies when you are having fun! celebrating the end of fashion week (or month, rather) called for a semaine boat cruise, great discussions re: the french culture, and my last sucre crepe…i know the withdrawals are going to settle in when i reach the big d.

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One Response to the paris fashion week finale.

  1. Cee says:

    Beautiful pics Lo! Miss you girl & love you lots….So talented!!!!

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