paris day 8: just pure greatness.

it was 55 and sunny out today. that could be the end of my post because weather like that makes me the happiest girl alive, especially in paris. jean charles de castelbalac makes me pretty happy too, so does seeing katy perry, and some amazing clothes. this show was too much fun. it was the perfect mix of quirky and wearable. also, im adoring the raging plaid. ingrid vlasov was kinda out there. good construction but a little too shiny sci-fi for my liking (and too many hints of roberto cavalli from a few seasons ago).

street style mania arrived shortly thereafter at valentino. a white carpet was rolled out from the pavillon concorde to the espace ephemere tuileries for this glorious show to take place. so much fun shooting alongside phil oh, the sartorialist, and countless other bloggers!

since everyone told me to buy something pretty and since H&M was simultaneously calling me name, i decided to head that direction. the shop is so different here since it is geared toward the parisian lifestyle. in nyc, it is usually a miss, but here it was a dangerous paradise. this is one of those days where everything just seems to be working out. example: i found what i loved, not sure that i would have enough euros, and my total amounted to 20 cents below the cash in my purse. whoo hoo! off to a wifi cafe to write and eat an omelette. the eggs are so good here. beautiful night!!

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