paris day 7: the louvre and commuun.

leonard was number one on the list today. it was a beautiful conglomeration of floral prints, flowy silks, and floor length dresses. met mrs. t aka the bag hag from the phillipines and had the most lovely conversation with her and lindsay. the story of how her blog started was one for the books!

a couple hour layover took me to the louvre (a must see!). the sculptures and paintings were mind blowing as was the mona lisa! it was the most gorgeous sunny day, so i hung out on the lawn with picnics galore, listened to french people talk, and then took a few minute nap in the most comfy chair around the fountains. i love the french culture.

lindsay and i met up outside of chloe to shoot some photos and then headed to the commuun show. if primary colors are not a trend, i don’t know what is. i loved the interpretation of below-the-knee hemlines and sheer fabrics. it looked as though this collection stepped straight out of a picasso with techno undertones.

met up with megan to catch vanessa bruno: the seventies, prairie-girl, slouchy hat mixture made for a layering masterpiece. my exhaustion has kicked in. bon nuit!!

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