paris day 4: the drama of dior did not dominate.

vendredi began bright and early with an egg crepe and human-sized origami at issey miyake at the pavillon concorde, where marvelous artistic pieces acted as the fulfilled foreshadowing. gaspard yurkievich and amaya arzuaga were stunner shows, and following was the anticipated galliano drama to be had at dior. i have to admit, i expected a good amount of press, but i never imagined the entire international paparazzi to make an appearance. it was a madhouse, with an intense amount of security and french police guarding this castle of a place. at one point, there was a paparazzi stampede (this was a first in my life). apparently, the mystery man being chased in that audi was the guy who “practically owns the world.”

street style shooting was fun fun here, but it had to be cut short by my deadline to isabel marant. this designer is most securely in my top three list…beyond ecstatic to attend! i met a girl from switzerland on the metro, and ventured to odeon with her to make the show in time. i love how this happens during paris fashion week. new friends are made from all around the world! isabel marant exceeded my expectations by a million times a million; it is so organically chic, and the model cast was STACKED. there was anja rubik, then karolina kurkova, sasha, abbey lee, candice, carmen, must i continue? oh my heavens.

next up: a sugar crepe before some much needed catching up…scribbling articles (professionally, of course), hanging with new friends at lindsay’s apartment over baguette and cheese with european tunes blaring. perfect working environment. shockingly, it was a quite productive one. city exploring starts tomorrow! maybe a picnic under the eiffel tower on the beautifully forecasted day? yes please.

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3 Responses to paris day 4: the drama of dior did not dominate.

  1. Aaron says:

    Is it just me, or do you eat crepes for every meal?

  2. love it lolo! and….love u……

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