paris day 2: love, fashion, and crepes.

it was a day of fun filled, crazy adventurous. it involved some spontaneity just because i had no idea where the heck i was going, but it was relieving to know that by sunset, i could get around quite well. i forgot what life was like before gps and cell phones until today. i woke up to the phone saying it was 9:45PM, and it hit me that PM does not equal AM. it was 11, and i had already missed two shows. oops! i got ready in approximately 20 minutes, and blindly ventured out into paris, hoping i could find my way. another show missed, but i have never been so relieved to see that familiar white tent at guy laroche. the show was exciting, and the outside scene was even more enchanting! so happy to bump into craig arend (check out his a-mazing model blog, altamira and his work on nymag, teen vogue, and net-a-porter!). my handy little subway map (thanks linds!) and our horrible senses of direction left us flipping our map several times, hoping that that would maybe clear something up? hmm not really. but we made it to anne valerie hash just in time…what a miracle!! the show was…eh, small and boutiquey but still too school for cool (i mean that as a compliment).

next up: people spotting and street shooting outside dries van noten. yes, i made it with the help of mr. fotovalise (p.s. craig, i think you owe me a photo)…he is probably my favorite person to talk models with, and our subway ride most-surely consisted of that topic as well as catch ups from nyfw. spotted: everyone. scott schuman, garance dore, anna dello russo, emanuelle alt, taylor tomasi hill, joe zee. you. name. it.  it was one big conglomeration of street style photographers, models, and editors aka the best playground in the world. too much fun.

felipe oliveira baptista next! breathtaking show. stopped downstairs for a little snack: the most amazing lentils and a organic acai juice added more love to this day. i heart the healthy french food, especially when its eaten on a bench watching susie bubble and bryanboy pack in to the next show. what a perfect spot for a bite. took a much needed break at the apartment to charge my camera. that might be important for peachoo+krejberg and mugler later. the prior was stationed at the garage. such a neat spot for such a stunning, neutrally dramatic show.

side note: i grabbed a crepe from the amazingly awesome street vendor for dinner, and i found out i am definitely allergic to nutella as a gift with purchase. you think maybe “nut” in the word might have given that away. good thing there was a pharmacy next store, where they initially gave me pain meds instead of benadryl. yikes. i am glad they noticed the misunderstanding before i passed over my euros.

“born this way” serenaded the end of my day with a performance by lady gaga herself. unbelievable show. mugler was extraordinary, with gaga shoes (there were some model trips), a crazy set, an energetic crowd, and jessica stam in the mix. no better place to see her walk for the first time!! who knows what tomorrow holds. all i know is i am ecstatic for ann demeulemeester. eek it’s 3AM. bon nuit!

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