paris un jour: jetlagged and having a blast.

today felt like a week in the best of ways. this morning i found myself next to a san fran parisian on the plane discussing travel dreams and styles–by styles, i mean he takes his time, researches a destination, even learns a language, for the sole purpose of soaking up the entire culture when he arrives at his place of choice. i want to adopt this philosophy.

i landed in the beautiful city of paris bright and early this morning, and trying to find lindsay’s apartment was an adventure. it took a bus ride, a taxi, and an internet bar to make it safe and sound. it was a fun challenge to say the least. linds and matthieu greeted me with some fresh olive oil and basil whole wheat pasta and a fun fun apartment that has a loft bedroom that looks onto some picturesque sights. cool. next up: matthieu took me on a motorcycle tour around the entire city. i think this may count as a highlight in my life experiences thus far: what a way fun/exhilarating/culturally infusing way to see such a historically rich and fascinating place. the eiffel tour was un. real. i did not expect its magnitude.

we met up with linds at our final stop: cafe du centre. parisian cheese, fresh bread, delightful wine, and homemade caramel and chocolate french ice cream graced our conversation. everything here is so quaint and character-filled, from the cobble stone streets to the dining presentations…next up: some thrift shopping! me and linds found some bad-a motorcycle helmets here:) only 230 euros…totally worth it, right? we may go back. we walked back home, took a much needed nap, and strolled down the street to meet friends for a late dinner. we definitely had a french dining experience with strict waiting, smoked salmon, duck, and lots of bread and red wine. now we find ourselves in a pile of a million invitations trying to plan out this fashion week that is ahead. sleeep.

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