nyfw day 3 and 4.

bonjour and auvoir to day 3 and 4. i can’t believe you are gone already! friday was a good friday that was made up of scribbling away reviews of walking art and stunning silhouettes, only to end with a sci-fi sally lapointe show. my heart skips a beat when designers strongly stick to a theme, and she purely represented futuristic fashion with risk, and that, my friends, is what made it the talk of the night, the favorite show thus far of fashion week? designers playing it safe=boring, so thank you sally for exposing your brave talent. it was extraordinary.

the night ended with exploring the city with shannon (slightly by accident, might i add). yes, we might have made an unintentional trip to brooklyn, but it all worked out as we found ourselves back in manhattan, tucked into a pizza shop in the middle of lights and life-size advertisements. yum and yum. lavo ended the night, catching up with old and new friends!

day 4. what can i say about you, except that you are a day where dreams came true. it all began with a beautiful binetti presentation, where models exhibited the most details pieces. always impressed by his craft. rachel antonoff was slotted next in our schedule. lost with the fashion editor of lucky was a new york moment, and who would have thought our next show would be the greatest high school dance? EVER. yes, we were literally passed by high school students, and intruded their gymnasium with models dancing to “the like” live. spotted: teen vogue editors galore, noteworthy bloggers, and alexa chung herself. i must admit i did a double take because she is one of, if not THE fashion icon to me. she was too much fun (thankfully, not too cool for school).

our afternoon continued in full swing, as we walked down my favorite model spotting street to the next show: araks. some great snaps filled my camera, not to mention, i had the opportunity to meet some incredible street style bloggers. amongst them-hannelie, craig of altamira, the face hunter, and the street peeper-hanging with him was an absolute treat. off to a purely vintage lineup, full of oxfords, exposed socks, and floor length hemlines. all that to say, araks was great. i especially am loving the pure faces this season, where makeup is minimal while hair is naturally noticeable.

off to vivenne tam. packed out to say the least. i am not surprised one bit that she attracted quite a crowd: her designs are impeccable. fulfilled dream enters here: i found myself walking to alexander wang at pier 94. two of my favorite things in one: the hudson river and this beyond-words designer. pinching myself. people watching here beats all locations, and to my further amazement, sam schuman, aka, the sartorialist, the man who made street style what it is today, who started a wave of personal inspiration, stood amongst the spectators. side note: there are several celebs grazing these locations, yet i remain star struck by editors, bloggers, and models.

how we got into this high, HIGH security show, i cannot reveal, but we ended up front row in standing. dreaming? i am still not sure. but, i do know that i got to watch my top favorite models walk. the energy was outrageous. the scene was innovative to the core. the final looks: karolina kurkova and natasha poly. omgee. i literally felt weak in the knees after this show. WATCH bits and pieces HERE:

the evening continues with reminiscing about the day, making sure no memories were lost, sitting at the whole foods bar in time warner, sipping miso soup, munching on homemade dumplings and sushi. winding down: bumped into sophia bush. writing in the hotel room, banana splits, cranberry green tea, and career brainstorming with shannon ended this one saturday. wowsers.

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