nyfw day 1.

oh the irony of being accompanied by sleet and snow on the trek to the airport, only to land (right on time) in a sunny, yet frigid new york city. my favorite part of every trip here is catching a taxi from lga and soaking up the much-missed culture of this melting pot of a place–observing the different characters, the workers, the pace. i try to breathe it all in, but that’s impossible. p.s. you know you are in nyc when you start wearing all black–>

a quick stop to the apartment…being welcomed with warm and friendly faces is always a highlight, and it reminds me that life still goes on here. i am blessed to step into it, even for just ten days. the anticipation of the newly opened trader joe’s location was too much to handle, hence the immediate trip over to that heavenly grocery store. everything there is just so cool and cheap: the best combo ever. my favorite purchase: guacamole hummus, quinoa bread, organic cranberry green tea, and, of course, almond butter.

shannon arrived at the empire hotel! i am ecstatic that my life long friend is here with me this season. we did some much needed catching up at nanoosh-the yummiest hummus bar on the planet-with some organic lentil soup and pita, then we made our way over to the first show of the season: the heart truth red dress collection. on our way, we bumped into my photog friend (who i admire for his model shots) and nigel barker…what a stud muffin. the show was packed and full of energy! spotted: matthew mcconaughey and bill rancic supporting their participating wives. it was a fantastic event ending with a performance by yours truly, natasha bedingfield.

join in the fun, and watch her sing here:

now i find myself succumbed to the justin beiber channel on pandora, recapping the madness that is about to begin, all the while dreaming of sleep. i heart nyc, a whole lot. until tomorrow!

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3 Responses to nyfw day 1.

  1. Oh Lo! I just love you so much and am so happy to see that you are getting to live your dream! Sigh..I am so thankful for you and your friendship! Have fun in NYC and take some more pics! LOVE YOU!

  2. Julie Palmacci says:

    Love the blogs from you both!!! Keep it going ! Its Great!

  3. Love your coat Lola! Love u!

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