my NYFW diary: september 13.

today was like a good book that ends up completely highlighted because every part of it was just as wonderful as the other. the climax of my morning was bumping into eric daman and sami (my bosses and friends from gossip girl) outside of the tents. they always brighten my day, and it was so great to catch up with them. next up for the monday line up: a stop by the victoria’s secret suite. getting my nails manicured, undertaking a massage, snatching a sneak peak of the fall and holiday collection, and sipping on some organic peppermint tea was the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of nyfw. lunch time arrived with a trip over to the bon appetit cafe, full of featured recipes from world renowned chefs…my avocado steak salad was oh-so-savory! then lindsay, annie, and i made our way to the net-a-porter luncheon where we enjoyed stunning fall line previews from various collections. with an hour to spare before monique lhuillier, we had a little pow wow in the courtyard…fun times. the long awaited show was beginning before we knew it, and the dresses were UN.BELIEVABLE. absolutely jaw dropping. finally, i met a friend in central park, sat on a bench under an umbrella in the raging rain, wondering about the possibility of getting struck by lightning, and talking about life. the day came to a close with meeting katie for some fro yo (tasti-d-lite style of course!) and deep conversation. this city is alive!

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