nyc remains in a constant state of boundless fascination, where people are people, where pretending is highly discouraged and clearly, nearly, and thankfully unattainable. it is a city of raw living, where struggle cannot be hidden, where maturing is inevitable, where stories are rich, where value is held in experiences rather than materials. 

olivia palermo from The City reflects the depth of the big apple, where trend meets high street, where elegance collides with vibrant personality, where a getaway into a character is not acting but rather an artistic view into the mysteries of someone that can only be exposed by illustration through a lens…

 olivia palermo for asos

she takes us to a reality where chic does not necessarily translate into what is aesthetically pleasing, but rather to what is unashamedly proclaimed, where the debate of the skinny vs. chunky heel is unnecessary, where converse with a dress is sleek, because art is fashion and fashion is art. point taken? mistakes do not accompany creative masterpieces.

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One Response to boundless.

  1. Aaron says:

    As a resident of NYC, beautiful description.

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