lost in translation.

i find it quite interesting that different scenes spark something in our creativity. where would our prevailing taste be without landscape, nature, and culture? i love how fashion refuses to be narrow minded. it blends in, yet stands out. it collides with every visual influence, and it is up to the wearer to choose the degree of such intrusion.

the wheat fields: nude hues and deep lips.

 pic, living the vogue
the lake: chambray and pink. 
pic, because im addicted
on the road: tribal prints, cargo totes, and hobo bangles.

hiking ancient trails: safari hats, socks paired with lace ups, slouchy layers
pic, knight cat

everything has a rhythm, a theme. do you ever wonder what makes one person a care free naturalist and the other a formal perfectionist, or a combo of both? what’s fascinating: it is impossible to conclude a formula to interpret this thought. possible explanation: maybe we are just simply captured by creation.

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