analyze the undertaking.

the act of pursuing is never ending and all-encompassing. it may seem that it can stop to take a breath, when in reality, it is in full motion, just with a different identity. pursuit looks like so many things: growth, healing, laziness, rest, beauty, fear. it has indefinite limits, unlimited synonyms.  it is quite a fascinating word, a loaded word. in fact, life would be at a stand still if pursuit was inactive.

pic, the sartorialist
so, stop for a moment. pursue a time to reflect, to soak in art, to realize beauty in things around you. enjoy your ventures rather than accidentally qualifying them as mere activity. sharpen dreams. the following stands true: the adventure dulls when purpose fades.

p.s. while you’re at it, throw on a surplus jacket and some platform booties to make your undertaking extra cute.

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2 Responses to analyze the undertaking.

  1. i want a surplus jacket….now. in case you forgot, http://www.seablanket.comi can't wait to see your street wear posts!! you're super talented at this, doll.

  2. me too!!! checking seablanket out right now…too much fun. I am so excited to start the street wear posts too..thanks for the great ideas, and LOVING your blog missy!!

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